Saturday Night

Date: Oct 22, 2016

Mo Pitney 9:30 - 11:00

When Mo Pitney sings "let me tell you about country" in his debut single, he's doing more than telling. He's showing. Appropriately titled, the song "Country" is as much positioning statement as introduction. In three minutes and 16 seconds, it is almost precisely who he is in word and deed. The vocal delivery, storytelling, musicianship and reflections of his outdoor lifestyle – as well as faith, family and patriotism – offer a spot-on portrayal. Joined by early fan favorites "Clean Up On Aisle Five" and "Come Do A Little Life," the song carves an unmistakably country yet completely fresh groove for the genre. In short, it sounds like nothing else, but absolutely belongs.

Granger Smith 11:30 - 1:00

Texas A&M graduate Granger Smith (aka Earl Dibbles Jr) is one of country music’s most inspirational success stories. The Dallas native moved to Nashville at age 19 after signing a song publishing contract with EMI Music Publishing, but moved back to his native Texas to launch his solo career. Smith is an unusually hard-working live performer, and has recently blown up on the national country music scene. He released his first major label album, ‘Remington,’ in 2016, and its debut single, “Backroad Song,” reached No. 1. The album also yielded a second single in “If the Boot Fits.”

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